In a crowded room you are alone someone is talking to you but you do not hear that voice. You have friends you have neighbors but no one truly understands. They don’t understand the hurt the tremendous hurt of a smashed Broken Heart and nobody wants to hear it. Alone in my loneliness sex is a wonderful substitute but it’s very temporary when is deed is done is still alone the only cure for my loneliness I sleep at least in my dreams I can laugh I can cry but I’m never alone and I never feel lonely. There is one thing that will cure this loneliness but I’m afraid I’m afraid that if I do it I will be damned for eternity and then I would never see my beautiful treasure. So what to do with this loneliness. Sleep never fails me so I think I will return to the Land of slumber

Disappointment, love


It begins with a smile
A soft kiss
Sweet whispers
What a beautiful feeling

I’m not sure
I’m afraid
I still have my luggage
From the past

This beautiful thing
Frightens me
I need time to think

No, it’s not you
I can’t give you what you need
Although nothing was asked

I need to let you go
To figure things out

Why start something
You can’t finish

I’m left alone again
Once again

Left to my own thoughts
Will I ever find love

hope, life, love, my life


What’s the issue
I’m a normal woman
A great catch
Now you don’t know what you want
First you want me
Then you don’t
You hooked this fish
Just to throw her back
Make up your mind
Damn it!
I don’t like roller-coasters
They make me sick.

Belief, hope, prayer

Prayer works

FB_IMG_1451049737095A little prayer goes a long way

When life is holding me down and I feel that there is no where else to go

I can always count on God to lift me up out of this pit of despair

A phone call to a friend who said a prayer for me made all the difference in the world today

Such a difference in my outlook on life

I woke up feeling beaten, downtrodden and defeated

With just one phone call to a friend who is a believer, a prayer was said. I felt it in my heart and my soul. Uplifted.

God truly works he carries me through the difficult times he holds my hand when I need just a little support

I must remember that God is here and I am his child and as any parent he will protect me

I can now see the light above, giving me hope in this dark dark place.


Athena-Goddess of wisdom


A truth

Selfish,mean people make the world go around.
Only the greedy shall inherit the earth.
The kind and forgiving will be forced into servitude.
Kindness will get you nowhere fast.

🌹Athena-Goddess of wisdom🌹

life, my life, Sorrow

I hate change

In a moment
My life was changed.
Changed completely.
My happiness evaporated
Into thin air.
I can see the revolting stares from others
They see me as a failure.
All my life has been a fight.
A battle to fight the tears and pain.
The moment when I was truly happy, the rug was pulled from under me.
Now I must change my life again due to one misfortune after another.
I must move my belongings into a strange place.
I must live alone for the first time in 25 years.
Searching for the meaning of all this misery.
I do want to be happy again, truly happy.
But how can I be when part of my heart is missing?

🌹Athena-Goddess of wisdom🌹

Grief, life, my life

Hopelessly sad

A smile does not mean you are happy
A laugh does not mean you are not crying.
I long for the day when this vice like grip of pain is gone.
Stay strong, people say.
How can one remain strong when the world is collaborating your demise.
I am tired. Very tired.
I wake everyday with tears in my eyes and no hope.
My life was stolen.
All my dreams are gone.
I pass each day in a haze.
Fighting the urge to end the pain permanently.
Praying to an invisible force to give me the strength to make it through each moment.
A fake smile.
A forced laugh.
Just so I dont have to hear the voices of others  telling me not to worry.

🌹Athena-Goddess of wisdom🌹