Belief, hope, prayer

Prayer works

FB_IMG_1451049737095A little prayer goes a long way

When life is holding me down and I feel that there is no where else to go

I can always count on God to lift me up out of this pit of despair

A phone call to a friend who said a prayer for me made all the difference in the world today

Such a difference in my outlook on life

I woke up feeling beaten, downtrodden and defeated

With just one phone call to a friend who is a believer, a prayer was said. I felt it in my heart and my soul. Uplifted.

God truly works he carries me through the difficult times he holds my hand when I need just a little support

I must remember that God is here and I am his child and as any parent he will protect me

I can now see the light above, giving me hope in this dark dark place.


Athena-Goddess of wisdom