Grief, life, my life

Hopelessly sad

A smile does not mean you are happy
A laugh does not mean you are not crying.
I long for the day when this vice like grip of pain is gone.
Stay strong, people say.
How can one remain strong when the world is collaborating your demise.
I am tired. Very tired.
I wake everyday with tears in my eyes and no hope.
My life was stolen.
All my dreams are gone.
I pass each day in a haze.
Fighting the urge to end the pain permanently.
Praying to an invisible force to give me the strength to make it through each moment.
A fake smile.
A forced laugh.
Just so I dont have to hear the voices of others  telling me not to worry.

🌹Athena-Goddess of wisdom🌹

death of child, Depression, Grief, Hope, Sorrow

The cold blade

The sharp, cold, grey blade.
Piercing my heart.
Allowing the red fluid of love, hope and happiness to
Ooze from my heart.
Leaving it an empty shell of what was.
Empty and heavy.
My heart was once filled with happiness, love and hope.
How do I remove this sharp blade?
So my heart can mend.
I long for the day when my heart is healed.
To once again be filled with love, happiness and hope.
To be full and light.

­čî╣Athena-Goddess of wisdom­čî╣