Disappointment, love


It begins with a smile
A soft kiss
Sweet whispers
What a beautiful feeling

I’m not sure
I’m afraid
I still have my luggage
From the past

This beautiful thing
Frightens me
I need time to think

No, it’s not you
I can’t give you what you need
Although nothing was asked

I need to let you go
To figure things out

Why start something
You can’t finish

I’m left alone again
Once again

Left to my own thoughts
Will I ever find love

hope, life, love, my life


What’s the issue
I’m a normal woman
A great catch
Now you don’t know what you want
First you want me
Then you don’t
You hooked this fish
Just to throw her back
Make up your mind
Damn it!
I don’t like roller-coasters
They make me sick.

love, my life, Steven

Why not?

Fear, the great inhibitor
Freezing me still
The protector
Of my fragile heart
And soul
Fear, the mortar holding the bricks
Of the wall
Built around me tight
Now I have someone
Who wants to love me
Cherish me
And hold me close
He deserves my love
My attention and admiration
Scared silly I am
I feel he’s worth the risk
I will take a chance at love again
Why not?


death of child, Jessica, love, my life

Ode to Jessica

Each day I open my eyes

Like a flash flood

I remember you are gone

Gone forever

Your beautiful smile

Your curly hair

Your gorgeous face

A hug and kiss for your mother

I loved to sit and watch you

Saying to myself “I made this”.

This beautiful, intelligent woman was my creation

Awaking each day, I remember you are gone.

Gone forever

Only to visit me in my dreams.

I will remember you daily

With sadness and smiles

I love you, darling Jessica

Your light will shine for me