Merry Christmas

I would like to thank God for allowing me to enjoy this Christmas season. I am truly blessed.
Merry Christmas to all!

🌹Athena-Goddess of wisdom🌹


Shit happens

A greasy stain on your favorite blouse
One number away from powerball
The electric bill is overdue
Speeding ticket on the way to work
Car won’t pass yearly inspection
Driving on fumes for 3 days
Rent pass due
The average life for most of us working class slobs
All we can say is
“Shit happens ”
And it does.
We keep going forward
Shaking off each turd
Just hoping we don’t step in it.

🌹Athena-Goddess of wisdom🌹

death of child, Depression, Grief, Hope, Sorrow

The cold blade

The sharp, cold, grey blade.
Piercing my heart.
Allowing the red fluid of love, hope and happiness to
Ooze from my heart.
Leaving it an empty shell of what was.
Empty and heavy.
My heart was once filled with happiness, love and hope.
How do I remove this sharp blade?
So my heart can mend.
I long for the day when my heart is healed.
To once again be filled with love, happiness and hope.
To be full and light.

­čî╣Athena-Goddess of wisdom­čî╣


My thoughts

I know my last post seemed anti men. But I was frustrated with men at the time. They seem not to be there when you need them and always around when you want to be alone. ┬áI still LOVE the male species. Just can’t figure them out.

I am one of those people who has been unlucky in the affairs of love. It seems so difficult to find an intelligent man to have conversation with. I have no problem with finding a great lover. Been very lucky in that department.

Just wish I could find an intelligent,  handsome lover who actually cares.




Society says women are emotional creatures

I find this to be untrue

Every man that I have met has been more emotional than me

Crying over the silliest things like not texting them or not caring.

If I had my way

All men would be corralled.

And taken out once in awhile for physical pleasure.

Emotional support they are useless.

That’s what girlfriends are for

🌹Athena-Goddess of wisdom🌹

my life, Sex


As you take me by my hand

I easily follow.

Blindfolded and bonded

You put me to my knees.

I worship you orally

Turned on by your moans.

Grabbing my hair

You guide my mouth.

I want more.

More of your moans and sighs.

You lay me on the bed

Fastening to the posts

“So you don’t get away”

Gently you spread my lips and

Look at my treasure

As though it was a work of art.

Your tongue explores every valley and canyon

My juices flow.

You drink my nectar

As a man dying of thirst.

Kisses all over my body

Making me writhe with pleasure.

You must want my touch

As you undo my restraints.

My hands follow every curve and swell of your body.

Our bodies are one

One heartbeat, one rhythm.

I can’t get enough of you

And you can’t get enough of me.

I want to engulf your whole body within me.

Even as we both climax

We yearn for more

We lay together panting

Asking “what do you do to me?”

There is no answer.

I love your scent

You say it’s our scent.

You say you love it so much

You hate to wash it away.

We plan our next encounter

Knowing it will be better than the last.